Zeke Smith is a writer, speaker, television personality, and goofy shirt enthusiast.  

He is most well-known for his innovative gamesmanship and witty storytelling on Survivor: Millennials vs GenX and Survivor: Game Changers. That...and the time he was outed as transgender. 

In the wake of his outing, Zeke led a partnership of Survivor, CBS, and GLAAD to craft a response which would provoke a global conversation about privacy and respect. Time Magazine said, "Zeke Smith made a huge impact," and, "educated many viewers that traditional activists cannot reach." 

Today, Zeke writes and speaks across the United States and Canada on the necessity of blazing one's own trail and the vital importance of allyship. 

Zeke graduated from Harvard University with a degree in The Study of Religion. His studies focused upon Biblical interpretation and LGBTQ-inclusive theology. 

In his youth, Zeke dabbled in musical theater. In high school, he proved a championship policy debater. In his twenties, he performed with the Upright Citizens Brigade. As he ventures toward thirty, he gets his performance kick telling sordid tales from his love life. 

Though he was born and raised in Oklahoma City and currently resides in Los Angeles (where he is tremendously disappointed in the food), Zeke will always consider himself a New Yorker. 

Zeke has not always gone after his dreams.

Today, that is all he does. 


Photographer: Devon Banks