Zeke, a long time Survivor super-fan, is very proud to say he fulfilled his dream of being a two-time Survivor player. Yes, his dream was to play Survivor not once...but twice, and he did so in epic fashion, being only the third player in Survivor's almost twenty year history to play in back-to-back seasons. 


During his first season, Survivor: Millennials vs GenX, Zeke was the old man of the Millennial Tribe. Through his cunning and innovative game play, Zeke become a well regarded strategist and Jeff Probst's reason to watch the season. 

Mere minutes after being voted out of Millennials vs GenX (spoiler!), Probst asked Zeke to immediately return for an All-Star season: Survivor: Game Changers

Two weeks later, Zeke embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, once again. During Game Changers Zeke made global headlines when he was outed as transgender by a fellow contestant. Zeke led a coalition comprised of Survivor, CBS, and GLAAD to create a response which would turn a dark night into a cultural moment which changed perceptions about transgender people and sparked a conversation about privacy and respect. Time would credit Zeke with making "a huge impact" and "educated many viewers whom traditional activists cannot reach." 


While his outing might've been his loudest storyline, Zeke would love to tell you about the fires he started with bamboo, his come-from-behind victories on puzzle challenges, and, of course, all the blindsides he orchestrated. 

You can watch his entire adventure on CBS All Access